Copyright and Licenses

All text, images, and decorative and artistic designs in this shop are copyright © by Jane Walker except where otherwise noted.

Jane Walker fabrics may be used to make products for resale. The purchased fabric is yours to do with as you choose with the exception of copying the design on it (see next paragraph).

Jane Walker's text, images, designs, and art may NOT be copied in any form or by any method without permission. This includes using my online images or charts for promotional purposes to sell your finished products. JUST ASK FIRST. Any use that is materially mutually beneficial will be considered.

A license allows a usage separate from copyright. The use and distribution of my images and designs may be licensed only by me. Any of my designs offered for use by anyone else will have been stolen. I may offer the use of my images and designs by mean of a license. Any license will limit and define the use permitted, and I maintain the copyright at all times. A license, even one which is purchased, does not give the purchaser full control or rights to what they are purchasing. A license will dictate the parameters of the use included.