If you have just now found my shop for the first time, you may not know me or my business. I would like to make a statement and then include some customer comments.

I am a one-person business (with occasional office help from my daughter) and I maintain my business at a sustainable level. I have what I believe is a fair and balanced Satisfaction Guarantee for my fabrics and products, and I have received no complaints thus far based on any error on my part, or regarding anything under my control. I sold my fabrics on Etsy for nearly 4 years, made thousands of dollars in revenue, and have an exemplary feedback record there. The URL for my Etsy shop is

My policies do not cover any products purchased from another business or person. This includes any business or person I may recommend, including those that are listed in my shop or on my website. These businesses and people have their own policies and I maintain no credit or liability for your experiences with them.

PayPal payment processor: I have been using PayPal to accept and send payments since 2000 and have never experienced any problem with it. I have no access whatsoever to your financial information when you use PayPal, so you need have no concern about my financial system security or personnel reliability when you purchase from me.

I have many customers who return for more fabric on a regular basis, and I am proud to be of use to them in the pursuit of their own business, hobby, and charity endeavors.


Jean Turner, Martingales of 47905 - Indiana USA
I have worked with Jane Walker for over 3 years. Her fabrics and designs are very popular with my customers. Jane has always been very helpful in picking out the best fabrics for my needs. One of the best things about our relationship is that when she has a new design coming out she will send me pictures so that I can not only give her my opinion about the design but that I can also send out what I call my 'teaser' posts to let my customers know what new Jane Walker designs are coming out. Not only am I a very happy and loyal customer of Jane Walker's designs but because of her I have many happy and loyal customers whose dogs are wearing my collars with her designs. I look forward to many more years of working with Jane.

J. Noble - Midlothian United Kingdom
Jane's fabrics and designs are second to none. The quality and detail, especially the small details of the greyhound fabrics are spot on and add to the overall finished effect of the products. Jane is always extremely happy to help me when I have had questions about orders or customising some of her fabrics. She is a highly talented artist and designer and you won't be sorry if you decide to buy.

Y. Miyazaki - Miami, Florida USA
I absolutely adore the greyhound pillow made with Jane Walker's pillow kit. Not only are the colors spot on with their picture and description, the instructions are very detailed and essentially fool-proof. The fabric is high quality and is easily cleaned. I cannot wait to order more fabrics from her in the future. Her products are even more beautiful in person.

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